Send Otter Love!


Tell someone they're otter this world with 6 otterable messages!

Valid North American Numbers Only: 555-123-4567

What is this?

SendOtterLove is a text-message based service that sends super cute images of everyone's favorite water pups to your significant otter!

Brighten their day and show them how much you otterly adore them with 6 otterly adorable text messages.

Just to be clear, these messages (for now) are meant for someone you don't mind
expressing your love to; like a signicant other, partner, or very close friend! Watch out for more message packs and message pack types in the near future. Thanks for using SendOtterLove!

SendOtterLove App Example

Each text sent contains an otter image and a message. Text-messages are valid for 24hrs; so your special someone is covered if their phone is off or out of reception.

Otter Facts

Did you know?

  • There are two types of otters; river otters and sea otters.

  • They’re both a type of weasel with long, slender bodies.

  • They have webbed feet and are excellent underwater hunters.

  • They have two layers of fur to keep warm in cold water.

  • A group of otters in the water is called a “raft.”

River Otters…

  • Are about 20-25 pounds.

  • Live in fresh water, like rivers and lakes, and slightly salty water, like in the Bay.

  • Spend half their time on land and half in the water.

  • Swim on their bellies.

  • Have little paws and can run quickly on land.

  • Eat their food on land or on a rock or log.

  • Sleep in dens underground.

  • Eat fish, frogs, crayfish, bugs, rats, and birds.

Sea Otters…

  • Are about 50-100 pounds.

  • Live in salt water, in the ocean.

  • Almost never leave the water.

  • Float on their backs.

  • Have wide webbed feet, and are really awkward on land, like they’re wearing SCUBA flippers.

  • Eat their food off their belly as they float on their backs.

  • Sleep wrapped in a kelp “seatbelt”.

  • Eat urchins, crabs, clams, octopuses.